Dream Reading Nook

I’ve recently been inspired by Arhaus.com, and I wanted to write this post and create my own dream reading nook. After searching far and wide, comparing patterns, colours, and all sorts of home furniture in so many different styles, I’ve decided that my dream reading space would look something like this:



I guess I should start from top to bottom. Of course, before I start, I should say that although there’s only one bookcase in here, in reality, my walls will be covered with floor-to-ceiling book shelves. Duh! That’s just how I roll.

Dream space location: Raised bungalow, with a walk-out basement. Those are my favourite types of houses.

Accent wall: I really like how the navy and red chair look together, so that’s why I went with the paint colour, Maritime in Flat. It would be such a great colour to just sort of disappear in, really.

Fun fact: It was between this colour and Coastal in Flat. Do you think I made the right choice?

Lighting: Although there’s only one in my sample above, I’d have about 10 of these Iron Pendant’s all over the space. I find them so magical, and the look and shape to it is stunning. A home designers dream fixture!

Curtains: Who doesn’t like patterned drapes to block the outside world from? I love the look of these Fresco Drapes, which is a great statement piece that’s not too bold.

Wall Art: On the left side of the door, I have Dancer Print 1 and Dancer Print 2. I chose these because a) I used to dance tap and ballet, and b) I LOVE DANCE MOMS. So of course, that’s my mini testament to my dancing years and favourite show. On the right side, I chose the Flat Iron District Print because a lot of the finishes in my room are metal-based, so I figured adding art with “iron” in the name would tie it all together somehow (magically). And the last one, entitled Pepper X-ray, is up there because it looks like the Italian pepper that wards off the evil eye.


Seating: This two-piece sectional in Taft Pewter and chair in Vance Paprika look like the comfiest, elegant pieces ever made in history. I also couldn’t help but add in this Mayan navy pillow just for a little accent colour! Don’t you just want to curl up on the sofa, or just lounge in that chair, looking all fancy and educated with a book in your hands? Yes. Yes you do.

Tables: I need somewhere to put my coffee and my TBR pile(s) on! So why not add these matching, and interesting architectural pieces? The coffee table and end table in this post can do more than serve their intended purpose! (Also, gotta protect the floor, which is why I wanted this super cute ombre rug incorporated).

Bookcase: As soon as I saw the Xander Bookcase, I knew that it was perfect for me. Even though it might not hold as many books as others do, I love the look and how interesting it is. Just multiply this bookcase by like 20 or 100, and there you go! I’m all set.

There you have it! My dream reading nook. I had a lot of fun creating my own space and choosing pieces. I guess all those hours watching HGTV won’t go to waste, after all!

What kind of space do you envision for your reading? Comfy and calm, elegant and enjoyable, light and fluffy, dark but comfy? Let me know in the comments below!

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