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ARC Book Review:“Eyes and Spies” by Tanya Lloyd Kyi


Rating: 4/5

Genre: Middle-grade, Non-fiction


(From Goodreads) Written for middle-grade and older readers, Eyes and Spies looks at the way information and data about us is collected and used by individuals, governments, companies, and organizations. Each chapter covers one aspect of the subject, from data collection to computer surveillance to personal privacy. Arguments for both increased security and increased privacy are offered, which encourages readers to think critically about issues and decide for themselves.
The book asks three simple questions: Who’s watching, and why? Where is the line between public and private? How can you keep your secrets to yourself? “Creepy Line” sidebars highlight controversial real-life scenarios and ask readers where they would set their own boundaries. Action Alerts encourage readers to find out more about how surveillance and data mining affects them.
Other topics include how students are tracked at school; cyberbullying, and cyber safety.
Color illustrations and a dynamic design make this an enlightening and engaging read.


I received this book via Annick Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my opinion.

I’m so happy I requested this book! The cover was so interesting, and I loved the concept. I mean, the title rhymes, and it’s all about internet safety? Yay! It’s really a win-win situation here.

The writing is very informative, and the little extra info on the sides was a nice touch. I honestly thought I knew about all kinds of internet dangers in this book…but I seriously didn’t. I mean, the whole section on how stores track customers and collect data on us is freaky (but the pregnant daughter part was actually kind of hilarious. Had this girl known that Target was tracking her purchases, she probably could’ve kept it a secret from her father for a few extra weeks). Regardless, I learned quite a lot, and all the other information was a nice refresher too.

Adults and kids (especially the younger age-group, and even older people who don’t necessarily understand how computers work) need to read “Eyes and Spies.” A little knowledge can go a long way, and this book is packed with it. I wasn’t left wondering about a certain technique that was introduced in this book – everything was explained, and even questions the whole argument of what our rights are in situations. I really liked that part, because it makes you think about it, and really decide for yourself what could happen, and what you need to think about if you’re ever stuck in an internet war (not the Twitter kind).

Thank you, Annick Press!





What are your worst internet fears? 

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