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Book Review: “The Baby on the Back Porch: Dunhill Series Book 1” by Lucia N. Davis



Title: The Baby on the Back Porch

Author: Lucia N. Davis

Genre: Horror, short story, romance

Theme: Nature, family


(From Goodreads) An old cabin, hidden in the forests of the Northern Cascades, has been a silent witness to mysterious events long forgotten. But sometimes the past has a way of resurfacing…

In search of solace after a personal tragedy, Sara Eriksson exchanges vibrant San Francisco for a small mountain village. Initially, everything at the cabin is just as she imagined: Her new surroundings are breathtaking, and her landlord, David, is kind and helpful. As soon as she’s left alone, however, Sara finds her new home is not quite as peaceful as she’d thought. First she has an unwanted visitor. Then, an unsettling dream…

Sara pursues the leads presented to her, but she can’t solve the mystery on her own. It takes both Sara and David to uncover the truth about the past—and discover a connection they never expected.


I really enjoyed this book! Seriously, it was a great refresher and distraction to my other current read. The plot line enticed me from the beginning, and I read this so fast, just wanting to know what happens! One thing to keep in mind about short stories is that everything happens for a reason. So whatever little detail that was mentioned, pay attention!

I love the symbolism used in this story. The grizzly bear was so central to the entire story. I actually looked up what bears represent while I’m waiting for the finale of Real Housewives of Toronto, and bear spirits signify strength and courage, which are qualities that Sara possess.

I especially appreciate the time Lucia, the author, took in describing the dreams Sara was having. It was amazing to get a full visual-like experience (well, reading experience technically)! The writing style and attention to detail was well developed, and done great in my opinion! There is literally nothing to critique here, I was very happy reading this book the whole way through!

Final Grade:

Personal Opinion: 5/5. I was not left disappointed, and this is amazing considering I don’t normally pick up short story!

Technical Opinion: 5/5! Of course, attention to detail was a major deciding factor!





What do you think of short stories in general? Let me know in the comments below!

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