Thursday · Uncategorized Thursday’s: Short Story Review Mar. 2/17

tor-com Thursdays is a book meme created by BookBum (Zuky). Every Thursday is the day to post up our own review of the chosen short story. It can be as long or as short as you like it. I think this is a great meme to be a part of every week because it’s just so different, and it celebrates a type of story that I’m not necessarily used to! So without further ado, here’s my review:

Before I start – you might be wondering why I’m writing another review because didn’t I just publish one just over an hour ago? Well, apparently I can’t read dates because I thought last weeks post was this weeks LOL! So this post is all about Reverse Documentary

Story of the Week: “Reverse Documentary” by Marisela Navarro

I’m not too crazy about this one. The little summary of this short story made “Reverse Documentary” seem so much more than it actually was.

The ending was weird and just seemed….off for some reason. I’m not quite sure how to respond to this, to be honest! I definitely enjoyed last weeks (well for me,  this morning’s) short story a lot better!

The only element I really liked though was the whole VIDEO/AUDIO interludes placed throughout. It gave some visual aspect to the piece (in terms of the story). It could have been formatted a bit better though!

Overall: 2.5/5

Next Week’s Short Story:

“A Pest Most Fiendish” by Caighlan Smith

If you participate in Thursday’s, leave a link in the comments below! I’d love to read your thoughts on this short story!

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