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February Wrap Up 2017

It’s officially the end of February, which means that it’s time for a February Wrap Up post!

It seems as though I’ve slowed down on the blog a little. February has been crazy, between school, work, and writing so many different versions of my cover letters and resume-building for internships. Hopefully March will be better?

My goal for February was to read more than I did in January (click here to see last months post!), but unfortunately I didn’t meet it. So to save myself from even more disappointment, I think I’ll keep my goal between 2-4 books for March, just because I know I’ll be busy between interviews, final school presentations, and then (hopefully) getting a taste of the real world.

Book Reviews

“Escaping the Rainfield” by Eliza Rich

“The You I’ve Never Known” by Ellen Hopkins

“Neon Soul” by Alexandra Elle

escaping-the-rainfield-pic img_1232  neon-soul

My favourite book of the month is hands down “The You I’ve Never Known,” it was just perfect in every way possible! I’ve been missing Ellen Hopkins these past few months, so buying this book was so exciting!

Escaping the Rainfield was interesting as well, but the ending wasn’t as strong as the beginning. But for a YA book which I generally don’t read, I didn’t mind it!

Neon Soul – I really don’t have much to say about it, to be honest. I think it could’ve been better.

Goodreads/50 Book Pledge Update

I somehow screwed up my Goodreads challenge, and listed “The You I’ve Never Known” as having been read twice…but that’s not true! Regardless, my current record is 8/50 on both 50 Book Pledge and Goodreads (I haven’t listed one of the books on Goodreads, so that’s why those numbers match).

Although only having read 8/50 books as of right now, I’m still super proud of how far I’ve come! This time last year, I was lucky to have even read ONE BOOK by now. University sort of put me in the hugest reading slump of my life, and I refuse to let that happen to me in college, especially since I’m doing a publishing certificate! Gotta keep my skills updated.

Extra Content

I got an email from Leesa, a mattress company asking my to describe my perfect day which was pretty fun to do! I find it so interesting to see how companies turn to specific bloggers, asking for fun little creative posts like this! It was also great to expand my horizons, yet still keep a bookish focus, which I’m happy about!

I also got nominated for the Book Fest Award, which was so amazing! I haven’t been nominated for something literally in like forever, so it was also nice of someone to think about me!

A friend in my publishing program also interviewed me for her own blog, so check out this post to see all the details! A lot of people presume I’m the shy type, but to be honest, once I break out of my shell, I’m known as the Sassy Queen, Meme Queen, and Social Media Queen. So if you’re interested to know more about me, then definitely go click that link above!

If you have posted a January Wrap Up post or anything similar, put a link in the comments below! I love reading what others write, and also following new blogs. Happy reading 🙂

You can find me on TwitterGoodreads, and 50BookPledge


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