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Book Review: “Still Mine” by Amy Stuart

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Author: Amy Stuart

Title: Still Mine

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Theme: chasing, being followed, abuse, drugs,kidnapping,guns


In a desperate attempt to run from her husband, Clare finds herself somehow involved with Malcolm, a strange man who has hired her to investigate the disappearance of Shayna Fowles. She has been missing for a couple of weeks from Blackmore, a town that used to thrive before a devastating mining accident killed many people. The remainder of this bleak town doesn’t seem too concerned for Shayna’s disappearance though, and this is the most troubling factor for Clare. As she narrows down her suspect list, what she discovers at the end of the road will shock Blackmore, and even Clare herself. 


I hope I did a good job in my summary above, because I want to start writing them myself (gotta practice this for my future internship). Anyways, back to “Still Mine.” I have to be honest, I really don’t know how to feel about it. At certain points I was really invested in reading “Still Mine”, but for the most part I just found it a chore to read it.

The plot was pretty good. The summary on the book itself does insinuate a more character-driven novel, and it lies. I found it to be a plot-driven book. The only reason why I didn’t just drop “Still Mine” altogether was A) because I spent money on this, and B) because I  just really wanted to know what happened with Shayna.

Usually when I read a book, I want to continue reading because I want to know more about the characters. Those are the types of books I live for, and I didn’t get that here, which is a shame because I really wanted to love this book (BTW, whoever wrote the summary on the book – AMAZING JOB. It’s really well written, so shout out to the Simon&Schuster employee).

Domestic violence is a huge issue in this novel, and Amy Stuart effortlessly shows us that it happens literally everywhere – not just one person. So I do commend her for using this as a driving force in her novel. She really captured the thoughts and feelings in an abusive relationship well, and I have no complaints here.

Final Grade:

Personal Opinion: 2/5. I just couldn’t get into this book, and like I said before, I felt like it was a chore to read.

Technical Opinion: 3.5/5. As a mystery/thriller, I think it lived up to its expectations pretty good. It definitely had the “OMG NO WAY” factor that I look for, and the mystery shrouding Blackmore and its people was enough to keep me reading until the end.






Have you read this book? Let me know if you agree with my opinion in the comments below!




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