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2016 Top 5 Books: HarperCollins

January is the start of a new year, but it’s also a time to reflect on the one that just passed us and look ahead to the future. For that reason, I wanted to take some time and compile of list of just 5 of the possibly biggest books published by HarperCollins in 2016. Read below to see what made my list:

GENRE: Fiction (Contemporary Adult)


1. “The Nest” by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney: Did you know that “The Nest” has been voted as the #HCCBookOfTheYear on Facebook!? If you haven’t already read it, then you probably should because it’s Facebook official that this is a must-read! It’s about the struggles a family faces when their long-awaited inheritance money doesn’t come as smoothly as expected. Sibling animosity and old family secrets come out in this unforgettable story of love, family, and togetherness.



GENRE: Historical Fiction, Mystery

2. “The Wonder” by Emma Donoghue: Although published in 2016, I just got around to reading it now in 2017 (you can catch my review here). It’s amazing, and was also was on the Scotiabank Giller Prize Shortlist. For all you mystery lovers or Donoghue fans, this book is a real treat. We are taken on a journey with Lib, a Nightingale nurse who accepted a job in Ireland to keep watch over Anna O’Donnell, a girl who has allegedly not eaten since her 11th  birthday. In such a high profile case, Lib goes in thinking that this is all just a ruse; however, it’s the issues lying beneath the surface that prove to be devastatingly problematic.





GENRE: Nonfiction, Historical

3. “Hidden Figures” by Margot Lee Shetterly: The praise and love for this book is amazing. If you are looking for an inspiring and uplifting story on how women defied the odds of their time and were part of an important time in history, then this is the story for you (actually, it should be a MUST READ). If it’s good enough to be a movie, it’smore than good enough to read! “Hidden Figures” is the story of how three black women helped to bring famous astronauts like Neil Armstrong into space. Their math skills and persistence in an obviously male dominated profession is an inspiration that probably makes this the best nonfiction book of the year. It has come highly recommended by many people, so definitely jump on the bandwagon. (Photo courtesy of Goodreads).





GENRE: Middle-grade, Christmas


4. “A Boy Called Christmas” by Matt Haig: People on Goodreads are just raving about this magical Christmas story. I know many people see middle-grade as below them, but I wouldn’t discount this genre. It has a lot to offer, and hey, us book lovers should read anything! If you’ve never tried this genre before, then I highly suggest you read this book to take a rest from your usual go-to authors. It’s about a boy who believes in the magic of Christmas on an adventure, inviting you to believe in it along with him, and also believe in the spirit of (possibly) your favourite time of year. (Photo courtesy of Goodreads). GENRE: Middle-Grade, Christmas





GENRE: YA, Fantasy

5. “Glass Sword” (Red Queen #2) by Victoria Aveyard: I have heard so many great things about this series, and it’s so hyped up on Goodreads, blogs, Instagram, and Twitter. I am aware of the mixed reviews this one has got, but I still feel like it’s important to include in my top 5 because it really has gotten teen’s interested in reading. Even everyone’s favourite Dance Moms star, Chloe Lukasiak, has included this series in a book club video and has openly talked about wanting to play Mare (you can totally look up Chloe’s IMBD page here, and the Youtube video I mentioned here if you want to make your own Mare decisions). To be honest, I still haven’t read this series, so in order to not spoil it for myself I’ll just link to the summary via Goodreads. (Photo courtesy of Goodreads, click on the previous link).




I know there are so many other books I could have chosen from, but I had to narrow it down. It came down to the books I heard the most about, and those recommended to me the most (and everyone knows I am in LOVE with HarperCollins, so I got a ton of recommendations!) I know I missed out on a lot of greats, like The Kept WomanPax, and Commonwealth, but hey, those were all on my original list!

Were there books on this list that you don’t necessarily agree with, or wish I would have added a different book? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear what you have to say! My only rule is that it’s a HarperCollins book. Let’s have a book convo!



4 thoughts on “2016 Top 5 Books: HarperCollins

  1. Yikes! The Nest was voted HCC Book of the Year? I read it a few weeks ago and really disliked it. I know a lot of people really liked the book, but best book? wow.
    I really want to read The Wonder – it sounds fabulous ! Also Hidden Figures sounds great too.


    1. Ya, I was surprised with The Nest being voted #1 as well (I mean, the book was up against really good ones like The Wonder and Commonwealth).

      I can honestly tell you that The Wonder is as fabulous as it sounds! I really loved it, so when you read it I hope you do as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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