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Book Review: “Small Great Things” by Jodi Picoult



I’ll be honest – I was a little skeptical at first about how well Jodi can handle a serious topic that she can’t possibly begin to understand, or even relate to. How can she write a whole book through the perspective of a black woman who is blamed for murder because of her skin colour? All my doubts were washed away though about 10 pages into “Small Great Things” because, as usual, Jodi’s writing style just invites you inside the minds and lives of her characters.

You can tell how incredibly researched her books always are. Even though she should probably know the whole court system by now, I feel like she still interviews lawyers for every book, because there’s always a fact thrown in there that I never knew about (NOTE: everything I know about the way the court system works is literally through Jodi Picoult). If you do read this book, take the time at the end to read through her authors note.

Ruth is such a complicated character. Everything she knew about the world (a.k.a. the White World) is just shattering before her eyes. Everything she thought she knew was all a lie. I was rooting for Ruth the whole way through. She never really belonged in her childhood school or her adult life, but she programmed herself to believe that people don’t really mean what they say.  Her journey through accepting who she is, not belonging in her world, and finally surviving the odds was so beautiful and inspirational, that I hope everyone who reads this book can take away a positive message.

There’s really not much else I can say except, please read this book. It’s inspiring, emotional, eye-opening, and the best damn Jodi Picoult I’ve ever read.

Here’s the summary from Indigo

What are your thoughts on Small Great Things? 


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