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Week 2 – Centennial College Publishing Certificate

Another week has passed, and boy was it busy! We are all getting into the feel of the program, and how it works. Here’s a run down of what happened this week:

In my Content Management class, we are focusing on Production Editing right now, so basically the different stages of production, what the production editor does, and we wrote a request for Sample Pages (basically a letter / email to the design team asking for them to layout some specific sections of a book, so the table of content, about the author page, stuff like that. Not so simple when you’re dealing with a textbook that includes tables and figures and indexes, oh my!)

My editing class was pretty interesting this week (finally!!). We marked up a piece of text using the editing symbols from the Chicago Manual, and then we learned how to track changes and all that fanciness in a Word document, and how to properly write in corrections. I’m glad this class is really starting to get into the nitty-gritty of what editing is about, because it’s a career path that I’m seriously considering right now.

We learned a little more about the local magazine, On the Danforth. Not to be bragging or anything, but I think all 50 of us in the program can really amp it up this year! We all have so many ideas, especially in my section, so it will be interesting to see where we take the magazine for its summer edition.

Assignments – GRRR. I have a research assignment due Monday. It looked so simple on paper, but it’s really a lot of work! Do not underestimate these assignments! On Sunday I’m going to the Word on the Street festival to interview someone. Magazine analysis due in a couple of weeks, Pinterest board to create, and I have a Job Profile assignment to do. Totally nerve wracking, BUT so cool! If I can manage to snag an interview with an Acquisition Editor at HarperCollins, ohmygod I would literally freak out that’s like a dream job for me at the moment!

Week 2 has been a good week so far – not as shy with my classmates, but still need to work on it obviously. Oh well, it will come with time.


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