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Week 1 – Centennial College Publishing Certificate

I can’t believe that a week has passed already! It was such a cool experience meeting all the professors and students in my program. This first week was more of an introductory week, where each teacher explained their own course outline, assignments, and expectations for the semester. It really wasn’t as stressful as I originally thought it would be, but the hard work is coming, and fast!

So far this month, I have 4 assignments due. It sounds like a lot, but it’s sort of just the foundational things I’ll need to get a grip on before the REAL work starts. 

We were interviewers (and interviewee’s) to a classmate, so the first assignment was to write a short profile on them, which is due today. I have a short personal essay due later this week about what I expect from the program, what I am most interested in (easy questions like that), and I have a research assignment on Canadian publishing companies due the week after that. The final project I have to  do is attend the Word on the Street festival and interview someone there (and write up a report due that same day SO unfair!)

In between we do a lot of group work assignments and preparations for future assignments. And in between ALL THAT, we have to work on our assigned issue of the local magazine, On the Danforth.

This is a pretty intimidating course load, but I think I can handle it. The most exciting thing all week though honestly was learning about the different jobs there are in each sector. I definitely have my eye on the Acquisitions Editor job! Such a cool position to have.

Just one bad thing – the school is literally not what I thought it would be. The cafeteria basically consists of a burger stand, a coffee area, pastries, and a large freezer of milk and pre-packaged salads. Not a lot of  variety here. The good thing though is that the school is literally designed as a square – so even though it’s a pretty boring building to look at, I know I will never get lost in it.

OVERALL my first week was pretty chill. I’m wondering how I’ll feel when I really get busy!



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