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Book Review: The Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund

Summary from Goodreads : 

It starts with just one body – tortured, mummified and then discarded.

Its discovery reveals a nightmare world of hidden lives. Of lost identities, secret rituals and brutal exploitation, where nobody can be trusted.

This is the darkest, most complex case the police have ever seen.

This is the world of the Crow Girl.


Wow, was this book really heavy and depressing. Dead boys escalate to an intricate past of extreme child abuse, pedophilia, and rape. This novel is a breeding ground for depressing event after depressing event. 

I bought this book because it was marketed to be the most shocking and suspenseful psychological thriller . I do have to say though that I was really let down for most of the book. The reason why I love this genre is because of mystery, and trying to guess who the culprit is. For most of this book though, we immediately know (SPOILER – one of the killers) and it really just seemed like a really long game of cat chases mouse. I will say though that the last couple of hundred pages really picked up the pace and suspense of the book, but for the larger part I was really disappointed. On the other hand, I felt like I was in the middle of a dramatic episode of Criminal Minds, so for me that was a good thing.

As a crime novel / psychological thriller, I think it definitely fits the bill. But just on a personal level, I didn’t like it. So technically, this is a great read but whether you will genuinely enjoy it is up to you guys!


Despite the let down of the plot, I enjoyed learning about Victoria Bergman, the key character. I think the Erik Axl Sund duo perfectly described to the reader how the mind of a schizophrenic works. I was personally amazed also as how sometimes THE READER didn’t even know which personality we were reading until we got a little clue.

Final Grade: 

I give this book a 6/10. It didn’t wow me like other crime or thriller novels have. I was just not impressed throughout the majority of the novel because of the fact that we know who a killer is. I think it’s safe to say to wait for this novel to go on sale – I would not pay full price for this.

What do you think about this novel? Was it a disappointment to you as it was for me? 


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