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How to Survive Last Year of University

Well, I’m one of the lucky ones who can say that I made it! Last month I graduated, and it was no easy task to reach that point, let me tell you!

If you had an unfortunate third year, then you know how much harder you will have to work so you can get the best grades possible for applications to other programs. If you’re not sure whether you are or are not continuing your education, my advice to you will be to TAKE CLASSES WITH PROFESSORS THAT YOU KNOW. It’s a life saver. Going to a smaller university (well, York University isn’t small but Glendon is!) made it so much easier to navigate my way through the good and bad profs (a.k.a. the profs who knew me and those who didn’t. a.k.a. the profs who give easy marks and those who don’t).

Rate My Prof is seriously the best thing on earth. I don’t know what I would have done without it. It’s like an online life coach or something…

Your last year of college or university isn’t as tedious as it sounds…I thought I would be in my room just working my butt off 24/7, with the amount of reading and writing I had to do (an English major isn’t as easy as it seems, people!). I think my last year was actually the most relaxed year ever. Between having the same prof for 2 classes (who cancelled a LOT), and taking subjects with profs I’ve had before, I felt very secure and didn’t have as much anxiety throughout the year like I normally do.

Which is weird, because literally my eligibility to graduate was entirely dependant on the grades I got! If that isn’t major school stress, then I don’t know what is!

Just keep working hard, and have a set goal that you can work towards – mine for example was succeeding in getting an admission offer from Centennial College for their publishing certificate program! It kept me motivated the entire year, so if you can find some kind of ending to this long, hard journey you’ve taken then it’s all the better for you.

The last like 3 or 4 months of school will be hell since you just want to leave already, so finding some motivation will do you some good.

And a word to the wise for graduation day (based on my Glendon experience)

WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. I was standing for two hours, and my feet hurt so badly and my toes were bleeding. By the time we went out to walk our way towards the tent, everyone was dead tired and we all just wanted to get our degree and leave.


Happy last year of university or college! Good luck, stay focused, and remember – you got dis.



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