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The People v O.J. Simpson – Episode 3 (Review) 

  (Photo via Entertainment Weekly

Well, last night the third episode of “The People v O.J. Simpson” aired, and what else can I say but – WOW. The acting has really been improving as each episode goes by – which is also a reflection on the increase of emotion needed to portray each character as their own nightmare is endured each day. 

One thing I noticed though is that a LOT of people are annoyed with the K-clan having more onscreen time than O.J.’s kids. A quick  IMDB check will help you see that Kim K is in 6 episodes, and Kourtney in 5 more…so for those Kardashian haters, it’s (almost) over. I believe I’ve only seen Asia once (the girl who plays Sydney Simpson), so there’s more coming from the Simpson kids in the future. I do agree with the Twitter opinions (shown on the EW article) that the Simpson kids should play a larger role in this series. 


In this episode, we see Johnnie Cochran FINALLY get asked to join the Simpson team, and Shapiro puts his case in motion by playing the race card. 


I loved that we got those scenes of Cuba Gooding Jr. portraying the act of being in jail at a time where everyone blames you for something you are adamant about not doing. I think his emotions were definitely on point, and it makes me understand WHY they chose him as O.J. To be honest, I’ve only seen him act in Rat Race, and I’ve always (wrongly) associated him to be just the funny-guy. So seeing him in such a serious role is awesome (and no, I haven’t watched him in his other serious roles, so I know I don’t have much to compare him with – for those Cuba Gooding Jr followers, I’d love to hear your opinion on what you think of his acting skills in this series!) 

I highly recommend this show to everyone. It was such a high profile case (not that I would know…I was born that year, after all!). Everything about this show is authentic – the style, the kinds of computers (you know, the big white ones with some scary box-thing sticking out at the back of it), the newscasts, the papers – all resources are used to make the viewers feel like they are back in this time, and it shows how much work has been put into every single detail. I love this series, and I can’t wait until next Tuesday for the fourth episode! 

What are your opinions / thoughts on the series so far? Has it lived up to your own expectations? 

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