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General Reading Update – 4th Year University Books

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted – definitely much too long ago! A lot has happened since my last one – I’m now in my fourth (and FINAL year of university!) It’s been one crazy ride these past 3 years….and as an English major, it’s getting even crazier as I eventually realize how much I have to read, remember, and write. So before I end up in my room indefinitely wondering what book to start reading, I’ll give you all a glimpse of what a 4th year English major reading load may look like. 

I’m taking a full course load, since I absolutely HATE summer school. The courses I’m taking this year are all English related – History of the English Language, Studies in Genres, Poetry by Women, Canadian Literature and the Great War, and Children’s Literature. The course I’m least excited about is History of the English Language, because it’s linguistics related, and I just find the subject so boring. All the other classes though are topics that I’m genuinely interested in, so hopefully that reflects in my marks this year. 

Was it bad though that even for my elective courses, I chose to do English courses? Oh well. 

Studies in Genres – This course is meant to fulfill my pre-1660 literature requirement, so we’ll be reading epics, chivalric romances, all the old classical texts that are completely awesome. I love Beowulf and Sir Gawain, so I’m looking forward to those! 

Children’s Literature – I get to read Winnie the Pooh, Dr.Seuss, and Harry Potter. ’nuff said.

Canadian Literature and the Great War – My favourite prof teaches this course, and he’s basically a Canadian Literature PRO. He’s got a great line up this year. We’re reading everything from “The Wars” by Timoth Findley to “Billy Bishop Goes to War” by John Gray. Poetry, novels, and plays – oh my! 

Poetry by Women – All the courses I’ve taken so far in English have been mostly male dominated texts in certain time periods. I took this class as a last minute decision, and although there’s a LOT of poetry (hence the name), it will be great to visit the early centuries and see how women matched up to the likes of Swift and everyone else – definitely a subject that shouldn’t be ignored! (And even better, it’s online!) 
I look forward to sharing my thoughts on these books throughout the year. 


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