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New NetGalley Feature – BADGES!

Professional Reader

Hey everyone! So, I just received an email from NetGalley, announcing that they have added badges to their website!

It’s very exciting news for us reviewers, because duh, who doesn’t want to be awarded for all the amazing, awesome, unbelievable book reviews we write? Plus, just like my own collection of Kobo awards, it keeps me motivated to keep reading and strive to read as much as I can (well…before school starts again, at least!)

As of right now, they have four awards available – the Professional Reader (every member gets this one automatically), the 80% (give feedback on 80% of the books you have read, provided you have 20 titles or more), the Reviews Published (when a publisher has taken your reviews and added it to a details page) and lastly, the Frequently Auto-Approved (when you are auto-approved by 4 publishers).

I’m excited to earn all of these badges (eventually), but I’m also excited for (hopefully) more badges to come!

I would really love to have the Reviews Published badge. Are you a NetGalley member? Which of new badges are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below! 


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