Dance Moms

Dance Moms – Season 5, Australia Episodes

Dance Moms goes down under in the two part episode of Season 5! And damn, there’s a LOT to talk about!

1) The Astra Awards – Beautiful performance! I know this was all on Youtube when they first performed, but it was still amazing to watch it again. Here’s a clip of it on Youtube: 

It was awful the way Maddie reacted to Jill after it – I definitely don’t think Jill should have said anything to Maddie, but of course, Jill loves to bring up the unspeakable and start something. I felt so bad for Maddie, because lately we’ve seen her do so many things and be AWESOME while doing them, but the fact is she screwed up on live television, and anyone would be upset. She’s still 12 years old, which is such a delicate age. Overall, I think that they SLAYED the performance, and despite Abby and her lost passport, they all pulled it off, especiall Gia! I loved her choreography, and I hope she got a raise, because she definitely proved to Abby her abilities as a choreographer (which we already knew them, anyways).

2) Jojo – There was a lot of tension between Jojo and the girls, after Jess saw the video of Maddie, Kenzie, Kendall, and Kalani making fun of her: 

Maddie said how Jess and Jojo didn’t see the full video, but I don’t think it would have mattered at the time to them, because (as shown above) Kenzie, Kalani and Kendall were the three doing the impression, which they CLEARLY copied from Kira. EVERYONE was laughing, the audience applauded….so it’s hard to say whether it was all in good fun or just a mean joke. Jojo and Jess definitely took it to heart. Maddie though is the only one who stepped in and started talking about the positives of Jojo which I think was smart of her to do, and shows her true character. Although she was laughing along, she did show that she really does care. The whole issue now though is that Jess doesn’t like what they did, and although the girls apologized, Jojo didn’t believe it was genuine. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but this issue is definitely not finished.

3) Star in Your Own Life, Melbourne style – NIA! YAASSS she definitely killed her LIVE first time performance of her song! I know we all watched it like a hundred times, but lets see it again. Here’s a fan video (which I liked better than what they showed on Dance Moms) – 

What I LOVE about the performance is that she proves to the world (like she said in Dance Moms) that she’s not JUST a backup dancer…she is THE dancer. She really showed that she can dance. I think there’s always so much negativity surrounding Nia because she doesn’t really get good marks from Abby…for someone who is watching the show because of Maddie, those people will probably watch Nia and say “wow she sucks, how is she still on the show?” I don’t think it’s fair, because the show is basically centered around Maddie and the moms. Which isn’t horrible, but it’s clear who gets the most air time. So I love that Mikey came to Australia and showed the world Nia and her talents, because I think she’s going to be bigger than big! AND she’s doing another music video for her song Slay! Jojo is in it, and Carmen Electra…so can’t wait to see it! And FYI, her music video currently has 1,755,105 views! Not bad, Nia, not bad!

So I pretty much covered all the major problems/news from Australia! I didn’t write about Maddie’s apparent “plateau” in Kira and Jess’ eyes, but that’s just unnecessary crap that I can write a WHOLE post on, which I didn’t want to do. Kira and Kalani took a day off, Holly and Jojo unite against Abby, and the moms are still divided..same old, same old. Here’s a preview for the next part in Dance Moms, where they are back in LA…and I don’t think none of us will want to miss this! 


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