Picture Perfect

NEW Blog Feature – “Picture Perfect” 

Hello everyone! So, I’ve been thinking of doing something new for a while, but I couldn’t really come up with anything – but then I saw on my friend’s blog, a certain feature which she called “TUmblr Luvs”. Here’s Chloe’s blog link,  so you can check it out before I continue:

So basically, what my idea is, is to come up with a weekly theme, and just kind of go with it – collect pictures from EVERYWHERE (Tumblr, Pinterest..whatever I can find!) and sort of make collage theme based on the theme that I think of. I also want to integrate some kind of book-ish picture in each one because, as you probably know by now, my main focus is on books, so I’d definitely want to keep the main purpose of my blog alive within each “Picture Perfect” feature.
So hopefully you guys like what’s to come next! I’ll be posting this up every Tuesday, hopefully. If not, look for it Wednesday! 
– Maria 

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