Random Rants

York University – Post Strike

Post strike sucks. Really badly. 

Instead of a 3 week exam period, we only get 2 weeks. Instead of a week or two inbetween assignments due, we only have a couple days. Things are getting pretty stressful. 

Even though most of us had a week or two off of school, there’s still so much work to be done, it’s awful. 

Students are frustrated, and the university isn’t as on top of things like they should be. Many of us (professors included) say how bad the administration is. There was some confusion (and there probably still is) about final dates of classes and what not. 

The good news (even though what, 3 weeks after the strike? 2?) is that York finally gave us updates on some stress related issues for the students – they recognized our anxiety, and emailed us a a few links that may help us. 

Regardless, I thought that this strike would be my chance to catch up, and improve my already horrible grades. I did that…but now, with the shortened schedule I have everything due at the same time. To put it blatantly, I got York’d this year. I think I’ll extend that to at least 90% of students getting York’d. For example, I have (due on the 13th) an essay worth 40%, a take home exam worth 35%, and some French assignments combined to a total of 20%. I have another friend who had essays due for all her classes this week, and a couple more things due next week. 

Around campus (the Glendon one at least) you could just feel the anxiety in the air among the older students. Some of them are worried about graduation, and others (like me) are worried about surviving 3rd year and wondering how to plan for next year when there’s still no Fall 2015/2016 course calendar released. Oh, and none of us know where our exams are. We have the dates, but not the room numbers.

Thank god next year is my last year. 


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