Dance Moms

Dance Moms Updates, Season 5

So I haven’t written an update up for the past couple of episodes, and I figured I’d do one now. Hopefully I don’t leave out too many details!

For the past few weeks, we have seen the girls get second place in the group dance category twice, and a whole lot of screaming!

First off, Jill overheard Abby tell a professional photographer that Maddie, Mackenzie, and Kalani are the only 3 girls who will get professional jobs when they finally reach LA (which is NEXT WEEK!!). Whether this is editing overload or a true statement on Abby’s part, I don’t think that Jill or Holly has over reacted. They obviously want the best for their daughters, and they pay so much money for Abby to market their girls that it really is only fair they are GIVEN the same opportunities as the others. Key word: GIVEN. Abby says that agents call her and ask for Maddie specifically, which I believe is true. So really, it’s technically not Abby’s fault that certain girls get more jobs than others…but then again, she could try harder to market everybody equally and maybe find jobs that would fit Kendall and Nia perfectly.

Jojo with the bobo. Yes, an old saying, but I can’t resist to NOT write that down. Ugh that mother…and Jojo. She really does need a reality check. Yes, it’s definitely ok to speak your mind and say what you think. But there’s a way to do it, there’s a way to approach someone. And she should be aware of how she carries herself, because no one wants to be associated with a bad girl unless you make millions of dollars like Miley. I do think she’s a great performer. But I still prefer the original girls over her. Who wouldn’t? She should be gone, but she’s in the promo for next weeks episode. Can’t wait to see how that’s going to be played out!

How do you like the new season of Dance Moms so far? You all excited for LA? 🙂


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