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Superbowl commercial….Go Daddy?

I’m sure everyone has seen the commercial by now…little cute puppy falling out of the truck, then the puppy has this long journey through all sorts of weather to get home..and once the puppy is home, the owner says “I’m so glad your home, because I just sold you on the website I created at Go Daddy”

And now, people have been so upset and disturbed by this, that Go Daddy has pulled the commercial and added in a new one (they paid $4 million for the spot, they definitely aren’t giving it up!).

My question here though is…did they REALLY plan on showing this commercial? They obviously knew it would cause an uproar because they quickly responded to the hate and basically said that they would be scrapping the commercial and showing another one instead.

Was this a publicity stunt, to get us to talk about Go Daddy? Because now we all want to see this new commercial they’re showing instead.

Did we all just get sucked in to talk about a company where you can create websites?

What is your opinion?


4 thoughts on “Superbowl commercial….Go Daddy?

  1. I haven’t seen the commercial because I’m not into watching for the commercials (I wrote a post about it 🙂 ) but I always thought GoDaddy was a vile company regardless.

    I’m not sure if they planned the uproar or not, but they will totally cash in on it.


    1. I only saw it because it was on the news profiles I follow on twitter! Oh yeah, they’re definitely going to make huge money off of this, almost everyone is anticipating what will replace it! Hopefully it’s got nothing along the lines of animal cruelty this time around :O


      1. I’m not judging that you saw it. I appreciate that you did and described it so I don’t have to!

        Well their typical strategy is boobs. I predict either boobs or trying to make a ha ha jokey moment of the original commercial.


      2. Oppss…did I sound a bit on the offence there? Sorry, I didn’t mean to! Lool I know you weren’t judging me! Haha and I’m glad I described it well enough so you don’t have to watch it. At least I did one thing right here 😛

        Oh god I know, boobs and jokes is what they market to us. Now they upgraded to animal cruelty, even better -_-


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