Dance Moms

Dance Moms Season 5 – TOMORROW!

The wait is almost up!

Tomorrow at 9 pm ET, it’s the exciting new start of Dance Moms, Season 5. And with all the new current promotional commercials and videos going up….it’s going to be good.

Ever since about the last few episodes of Season 3, Abby first mentioned her plans of branching out to LA and opening another studio there. But between her mother being sick and her passing, along with being busy with tours, Australia, Maddie’s entrance into the real entertainment district and the newly arrived MackZ, she didn’t really have a chance to put her plans forward..until the ending of Season 4!

So now this season, it’s all about Hollywood. And dayum, I can’t wait. I am a bit nervous though because there’s a new studio that’s meant to replace CADC, which I think may potentially bring bad reviews to this season. I mean c’mon, no other dance studio can replace Cathy. She’s a classic. Kalani is also back this season (yay!) and a “new” face to the ALDC, Jojo, the cute one from AUDC. So with the added talent, I know that the dances this year are going to be amazing. I mean they have to be … they aren’t in LA to lose! And with the recent Instagram pictures, they seem to be doing well so far.

The moms….they’re a whole other story. Abby apparently is at her wits end. What happens in the commercials and what happens in the show are two different things most of the time…so I don’t want to say too much about this right now.

So what do you think will happen during this season? Who are you most looking forward to watching, and what do you think about Jojo and Kalani being a part of team?


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