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Book Review – “I, Claudia” by Kristen Thomson


“I, Claudia” by Kristen Thomson is a short play written in monologues delivered by four characters – Drachman, Claudia, Douglas, and Leslie. In its performance, all these characters are played by Kristen herself who uses different but similar looking masks to distinguish each different character. Kristen talks walks and acts differently with all these characters in an entertaining way.

The one thing I liked about this script was the realness to it… she plays Claudia, a preteen going through puberty, she talks exactly like one would….a lot of excitement, random sentences, and a lot of ‘like’ and ‘um’.

Claudia is dealing with the trauma of seeing her parents getting divorced, and her dad marrying someone new who is Leslie. Leslie is dealing with her own type of trauma, which is dealing with the wedding and not having any family to help her out through the plans. Douglas has to deal with the recent passing of his wife, and Drachman is the school janitor who had bigger dreams that failed.

Overall, this play was a good read, but an even better movie, which we saw in class. Plays are meant to be performed, not read. I did like the movie a lot because it gave the script a better aspect on how it should be read. But I would still read the script anyways to get more of a sense of it all. You wouldn’t go watch a movie without reading the book….right?


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