Dance Moms

Dance Moms Season 4 Finale

So, kind of a late post. But damn, what a season finale! If you haven’t watched it yet…then you better go find it online now! It definitely isn’t one to be missed.

Ok, so this is more of a rant than a real recap. But it’s fine.

CAN YOU BELIEVE ABOUT CHLOE? First Brooke, Paige and Kelly, and now Chloe with Christi? DAYUM. So, there are two sides of the story…the Lifetime side, and then the what-actually-happened side.

The Lifetime version only has Abby saying that Chloe is “washed out.”
The real version? Abby was making remarks about Chloe’s eye (a medical condition). What Lifetime did show though was Chloe saying “I heard Abby” later on in the change room.

I feel soooo bad for Chloe. She’s lost the will to dance in this episode, her solo got one place higher than the other elite girl (which Abby wasn’t happy/proud of for Chloe). The poor girl just couldn’t deal with it anymore, so they left. (Although it’s said – and probably proven somewhere – that she now dances with Studio 19 I believe, which was Kendall’s old studio).

It’s just all that happened this season is so sad and it makes you wonder sometimes just exactly what goes on behind closed doors, when they’re not being filmed. You have all these Dance Mom Facts accounts that always have stuff that the girls either “said” or said. So none of us REALLY know the truth.

I like to think that maybe about 50% is fake, and the rest is real…but WHY would a grown woman make fun of a child? I just don’t understand. What makes it worse is that I’m still a huge fan of the show, and I’ll always be watching it no matter what.

Also, the producers apparently told Cathy to play Chandelier for her dance. Which I really don’t believe…did I miss a tweet that said this? Lol oh well. Cathy is just Cathy, I’m glad she’s still around on the show. She kills me!!

What are your thoughts about what happened with Chloe though? Do you believe what Christi said in her tweet (which explained that Abby made fun of her face which Lifetime didn’t show). Is anyone actually glad that Chloe is off the team?


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