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BOOK REVIEW: Starter House, by Sonja Condit

Publication Date: 2013

Summary from Kobo:
Her dream home is about to become a house of nightmares…
From the moment Lacey glimpses the dusty-rose colonial cottage with its angled dormer windows and quaint wooden shutters, she knows she’s found her dream house. Walking through its cozy rooms, the expectant mother can see her future children sitting on the round bottom step of the house’s beautifully carved staircase, and she imagines them playing beneath the giant maple tree in the warm South Carolina sun. It doesn’t matter to Lacey and her husband, Eric, that people had died there years before.
But soon their warm and welcoming house turns cold. There is something malevolent within the walls—a disturbing presence that only Lacey can sense. And there is Drew, a demanding and jealous little boy who mysteriously appears when Lacey is alone. Protective of this enigmatic child who reminds her of the troubled students she used to teach, Lacey bakes cookies and plays games to amuse him. Yet, as she quickly discovers, Drew is unpredictable—and dangerous.
Fearing for her baby’s safety, Lacey sets out to uncover the truth about Drew and her dream house—a search for answers that takes her into the past, into the lives of a long-dead family whose tragic secrets could destroy her. To save her loved ones, Lacey must find a way to lay a terrifying evil to rest…before she, Eric, and their child become its next victims.

Thoughts: I’ve been looking for a ghost story for a while, and when I saw this book on sale from Kobo, I figured “why not?” I’m glad I bought it, because it really was an enjoyable read. I always found mysteries/supernatural/thrillers to be a hard genre to write because you really have to come up with something really messed up, and come up with a solution for it. It’s a lot of intricate detail that a writer has to work out, and I love how Sonja Condit did that in Starter House. I loved the whole story behind Drew the ghost. I loved every minute of reading this book. So far this summer, it’s been the fastest book I’ve read!

Book Love: The plot line and characters were perfect together. What I usually find in a book is that either the characters are lacking substance in an amazing plot line, or vice versa. However, I didn’t really find this in Starter House, which probably was the reason why I loved it so much. I wasn’t silently (or very loudly) complaining about the annoying characters, or how simple the plot line was.

Book Hate: I really don’t think I have anything to hate about this book, but because I always want to find something wrong with a book and make my reviews both sided, I’ll have to say that personally, I would have loved to see more book time with Lex and Harry, especially because their lives have a lot to do with what happened before Drew was a ghost.

Overall: This book definitely gets a 10/10. It has been the best summer read I’ve read so far. Who says you have to stick with the usual light and happy theme of summer? If you want something completely out of the ordinary to read this summer, then Starter House by Sonja Condit is the book for you. I loved the characters, and I NEVER talk about books I’m reading to my family, especially my Mom. This one, I definitely told her about, so Sonja definitely did something right with this book!

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