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BOOK REVIEW – “Incubus” by Ann Arensberg

* I received an online copy of this book courtesy of Open Road Media in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my views and opinions of this book*

Incubus by Ann Arensberg is a gripping tale that is told from Cora Whitman’s point of view. Cora is pastors wife in a little town called Dry Falls. Cora writes her view on strange events that had happened back in the summer of 1974, where women are being terrorized in their dreams by dark figures. Lack of rain and other strange occurrences happen, but are all overshadowed by the repetitive nightmares that plague the women of Dry Falls…everyone except for Cora. As the voice of reason in Ann Arensberg’s novel, we find ourselves torn between who to believe and what to believe in. The novel takes us on a journey of how Cora, obedient, practical Cora, collides head on with these dangerous dream disturbers…these Incubi.

Thoughts: This book was pretty good. I like how it was written in strictly one point of view (Cora’s). I like how Ann decided to have practical Cora as her narrator, instead of one of the other characters who all jumped the gun and automatically decided that something supernatural was behind certain events. Cora was a great voice of reason, and I think she added a lot of practicality to the story line. Ann could have taken this story many ways – she could have had Cora be a believer, have Cora the ONLY believer – but she didn’t. The way Ann wrote this story was perfect for her particular writing style because it gave her book the modern horror story that it promises it will!

Book Love: I love love LOVE how Ann stuck with the personality and beliefs of all characters. She didn’t have too many major character changes, which I think was different and really nice to see (well, read) because in anything scary, you always have that one person that changes their mind and then does something totally stupid. There was very minimal situations like this, and if it did happen she put her own little twist on it. Basically, this novel is more original than recycled ideas, which you know I love and I’m always looking for.

Book Hate:: DEMONS. I can take a crazy, psychopathic killer on Criminal Minds, but one thing I canNOT stand are demons. I just hate them because they are unseeable…and even worse when you can barely just see them, like Ann has in this novel. UGH. I cringed every time these Incubi were around..which was pretty much the majority of the book.

I give this book an 8/10. This book was a great read. I love Ann Arensberg’s writing style, and I love how original and modern she made her story. I’m definitely reading more books by her. I’d love to see what else she’s written. The demons are everything you wouldn’t want them to be: there but not there at the same time, appear in dreams to terrorize you, and you experience the effects when you’re awake. Lovely. I would reccomend this book to those who love the supernatural, those who love mysteries, and those who want to read something Stephen King-like…minus the Stephen King-like qualities. Read about Ann Arensberg and check out more of her books on Open Road Media’s website. Happy reading, and I’d love to hear what you think of this book!


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