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Book Review – Hanging Hill, by Mo Hayder


Summary from Kobo:
When the body of a beautiful, popular teenage girl is found on a canal towpath, detective Zoë Benedict is convinced the investigation needs to look beyond the usual domestic motives. When Zoë’s investigation leads her toward the world of webcam porn, a crippling secret from her past seems determined to emerge.

This book had a very strange opening. We first see sisters Zoe and Sally at a funeral, hesitating to go inside. We don’t know who this funeral is for, why it’s important, and how the characters got there. The only thing we are told is that the sister of the deceased is there. For a while after that, we learn a little more about the lives of the Zoe and Sally, along with their family and friends. Everything and everyone is connected somehow, and as a reader we are captured in the middle of the web of lies and secrets of everyone.

At first, I really wasn’t feeling this book at all. To me, it seemed like this book strayed away from the initial purpose of it, which was the murder of the teenage girl. It doesn’t really seem to be about her for a big chunk of the middle. But like I said, everything and everyone is connected. I think though that the author, Mo Hayder made up for this through the intricate subplots. Those were amazing, and I loved the suspense of them.

The ending of this book seemed very B movie like – a sudden reveal of what may or may not happen in the future, BUT we have no way of knowing. I kind of have a love – hate relationship with this ending. Part of me loves the way that everything was “solved” in the end, but part of me hates not knowing the rest of the outcome.

Overall, I give this book a 7/10. It had a great story, but sometimes the way it veered off course didn’t really make sense until the ending. I definitely think it’s worth getting more books by Mo Hayder because I do love her style and imagination, and I want to see what else she’s come up with. I think she’s a very interesting person, and I LOVE her story (just read her mini biography at the end of the book!)

Read if: you love reading any kind of mysteries. This book is definitely not Stephen King, but I think it’s a good enough mystery novel to keep you satisfied.


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