Young Drivers of Canada – The Place to Be

SO I recently finished the Young Drivers of Canada program at Fairview Mall (GREAT location to have classes at haha). And compared to some of the stories of driving schools that have been told in between classes from other students…Young Drivers of Canada really is the place to be to learn how to drive!

The story of how YD (Young Drivers) started is actually quite amazing, and pretty sad. It’s one of those stories where something bad had to have happened in order for something totally amazing to come out of it. In this case, something bad happened to Peter Christianson. He was involved in a head on collision when he was very young which resulted in his father dying. He went on to be a car racer, but he did lose about 5 friends in car crashes as well. He developed the YD program for 40 years, and it definitely has paid off.

Although the in class part of YD is boring (just like any other driving school), I did learn a lot through the repetitive element that the class had. What YD does is teach you emergency maneuvers, and how to predict what’s going to happen to next. I learned so much about driving that I didn’t even know. I begged my dad to just teach me how to drive instead of going to a school, but of course I ended up going…and I’m glad he made me go.

The program is pretty expensive, I won’t lie. And if you want to use their car for the driving test, you have to add a package on for an extra $400 (which includes 3 or 4 extra lessons before as well as the day of your test). HOWEVER if you compare to a regular self-owned driving school that charges (for example) $400…then honestly just go with YD. I know my neighbour went to a Toronto driving school here (I won’t say the name) and instead of being able to stick with the price of $325, they had her take extra classes which totalled to well over $1500 (which, may I add, is more expensive than what you would pay for YD WITHOUT the add-on package I talked about). Although it isn’t guaranteed that YD will get you your license (no one guarantees it…I asked every driving school I called), YD does have the better reputation, and if it is known to your road test person that you went through YD, they might be more inclined to pass you than fail you.

I haven’t started my in-car driving lessons (I start this Saturday, yay!), so I can’t wait to tell you how it went! I hope it goes well…I’ve only driven twice before! And one more thing to tell you about YD, if I haven’t already…The price that you pay for classes INCLUDES in-car lessons. If any school you call has a separate price for in-car driving lessons, HANG UP because it is probably going to be a lot of money. One school I called was offering $730 for classes….and $805 for pick up for driving lessons! Again…WAAAAAYYYY more than what YD charges!

So choose your driving school wisely by choosing to drive with YD! Seriously.


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