Random Rants

Summer Days…TO READ!

Ahhhh summer…the best holiday ever for anyone in school! Long hours just doing nothing, relaxing, away from school….who wouldn’t love that!?

What I’m here to do is give you people something to do….READ! If you’re a parent reading this, you need to make reading fun for your kids, in whatever way possible for them. Maybe have a little reading contest, and give out little prizes or something to reward them when they achieve a goal you have set for them. Take them on regular library trips and Chapters/Indigo/Coles trips. I can’t stress enough about how important it is to get your kids reading at an early age.

I’ve been reading ever since I was almost 3 years old. I learned how to read at a young age, and I haven’t stopped since then. Even at age 19, I still always have a book to my nose. I’ve always had a love for reading. My earliest memory is of me, sitting on my living room floor with literally a stack of books from the library that reached my sitting height, and I just went through them one by one. When my brother was in soccer, I would bring a bag full of books to read while he practiced/played a game. I even remember a senior citizen always with me, and I would read to her. It’s those kinds of things that helped me to form into the reader I am today, and I probably woldn’t be majoring in English, following my dreams to be an editor had it not been for those childhood moments.

My point is, if you want your kids to be doctors or lawyers or whatever ambition you may have for them, you need to do your duty as a parent and instill a love of reading in your child. As an English major, I’m reading pretty close to 21/7, and had I not already trained myself to be able to sit and read for all those hours, then i have no clue how much my marks would have suffered. With any college or university major, there’s ALWAYS reading involved. So why would you have high ambitions for your kids, but yet not discipliine them and train them to reach those goals? There’s so much technology out there, aka EREADERS to get your kid into the groove of reading if they don’t like it. SO there’s no excuse. Have your kids spend the summer reading more than they often do. It will make them much more disciplined and able to sit through the textbooks they have to plough through when it’s their turn to start college or university.



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