Dance Moms

Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 7 RECAP

Wow, what an episode! Quick run down: Paige and Brooke had a solo each. Paige and Chloe had a duet, and then the “surprise duet” of the day was Maddie and Kalani. Now, the interesting stuff:

Kelly and Abby had a SHOWDOWN!!! So hilarious! Kelly pulled Abby’s hair and shoved her face to the side after Abby was pretending to bite her finger. Thank god Holly was there to usher the kids out of the room! Ugh, but seriously, why is everyone like this? Kelly said herself that she wanted her kids to do a fun, after school activity. She must have known Abby was the way she was when she was taught by why is she at the studio!?
You can go on all the Dance Moms twitter accounts to see their live tweets…they’re so good!

My one BIG surprise for this episode was that Jill actually didn’t say much this episode…she’s usually the one to start the fights, or say something to get another mother started. BUT SHE DIDN’T FOR THIS EPISODE! Mind blowing, I know.

Maddie and Melissa…apparently Maddie lied to Chloe, saying she wasn’t doing her duet at NYC competition with Kalani, but they actually did it. I believe Maddie knew that the duet could happen, but I don’t think she believed it will. My understanding was that Kalani’s main purpose to be there was to replace one of the girls in the group dance if she needed to be thrown in, but I could be wrong. So basically, Chloe and Maddie declared their friendship over last night. But I think they have a duet together next week….so either they besties again, or they aren’t talking, OR Abby wants them to do a duet together to a) try to work things out to be friends again OR b) see if Maddie and Chloe can get a first placing duet together, like Maddie did with Kalani. Confusing, I know. But you just have to wait for next week!

And one last thing…as we all know, Mrs. Miller passed away on the 8th. If you haven’t already, send Abby some love. It’s devastating to lose a parent, so keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


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