Dance Moms

Dance Moms: Season 4, Episode 6

Last night was a real nail-biting episode! Literally…I have no nails left! Here’s why:

Despite Nia having been on top of the pyramid (YAY!) Abby chose to have New Chloe face off against Old Chloe through their solos. Unfortunately, Old Chloe got 4th! So sad for her, I think she definitely did better than 4th place. And New Chloe got 2nd..which is probably due to the fact that she stumbled at least once, and HER HAIR PIECE FELL OUT RIGHT AT THE END! It’s ironic, because at this same competition last year, Old Chloe’s hat fell off, and that’s when Christi walked out and “quit” the team! And now New Chloe’s hair piece fell out! It’s important to note here that when New Chloe’s mom ASKED for a needle and thread…Melissa offered to help…now, whether Melissa purposely did a shitty job of helping to sew the hair piece on or not is her own knowledge…I like to think that she did it on purpose for the sake of all the girls on the team because she’s a threat to everyone. (I like to think that she didn’t do it for the benefit of Maddie.
However, that’s not to say that New Chloe is an amazing dancer! She’s so beautiful on stage, and that solo suited her well, I think (although she’s not as beautiful as Old Chloe on stage..damn, those long legs are gorgeous!)

Really, it wasn’t much of a good week for the ALDC. Kendall and Nia’s duet (which only had a practice that was 17 minutes long) got 3rd place I believe. New Chloe got second, Old Chloe got 4th, BUT the group dance did get 1st! It was really different (as Abby has said) from what they normally do, taking on a 30s theme. I really liked the dance, it was so cute!

The new mom. Kim, I think, or something like that. RUDE. Her old studio director called, and called Abby “Flabby Miller.” Then she’s apparently “slumming it around” with the Dance Moms, she explicitly blamed the moms for screwing New Chloe’s head piece, said her kid is dancing circles around the other kids, AND I heard her mention that Abby’s choreography is below New Chloe’s talent. Again…RUDE. I don’t think she’s there next week though…I don’t remember seeing her in the promo for next week. It was more focused on Maddie and Melissa…


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