Life as an English Major

Life as an English Major: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

For English class on Thursday, we read a couple letters/poems from Lady Mary. Although I didn’t find them exactly interesting, I do find her whole life to be enticing! She is one of the more interesting women authors that we have read so far, and I find it a shame that we only spent our one hour lecture on Thursday on her. I would have loved to read a bit more of her works, now that I knew her background.

She was taught herself Latin by studying 5-6 hours a day reading the dictionary and other things, she defied her father’s choice in husband (marrying the guy that her dad didn’t approve of), she dealt with public shame, and has travelled the world. I find her life story a lot more interesting than her poetry (that’s probably because I don’t like poetry much to begin with). Nonetheless, I think she would be a great women writer to read more on, especially considering that women aren’t a big part of literary history! You should read up on her! Definitely worth it, especially if you’re particularly interested in women’s writings!


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