Dance Moms

Dance Moms: Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

Last night was a great episode of Dance Moms! Here’s a short recap of it:

Awards – Maddie won with her ballet solo, which Abby explicitly stressed to Christi that it would have gone to Chloe.
– Mackenzie had a solo that required her to lip synch along with the song, as well as dancing. Abby said that it would put Mackenzie to the test for Abby to know if she was a true performer. Although Mackenzie won second place, I think she did prove to Abby that she can be a true entertainer.
– Paige, Chloe, and Kendall had a trio, Southern Belles. They won first…but Abby didn’t seem too keen on it anyways.
– Nia was featured in yesterday’s group dance, which was based on the Civil War. She was fantastic in the dance, and the performance aspect of it was beautiful. This dance is so far my favourite!

Abby held her open call auditions in Atlanta during yesterday’s episode. It didn’t really look like she found anyone totally amazing, because the clips that were shown were more focused on the parents being unbelievably rude, begging for their child to be given a second chance.
Next week, the new girl shows up…supposedly Chloe’s replacement. The girl coming in is the one that was asked to dance up in front with Maddie during the first auditions. And the mother of this girl…wow. I don’t know what was going on in the dressing room, but that mother was RUDE!
The mother’s were really hating on Melissa because of the whole “homeschool” issue. Melissa is right though, it’s none of their business what she does with her kids. Like I said in my last week’s post, life is NOT fair, so they need to stop complaining about it.

I’m sure I covered everything! If not well…hope this was enough!


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