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Dance Moms: Season 4, Episode 4 – RECAP

Wow, what a night last night! Such a good episode, I was literally at the edge of my seat for the whole competition! Here’s an overview of what happened:

Chloe and Kendall showdown! And…Chloe won! (yaay!). Chloe definitely deserved to win after everyone was questioning her about the last time Kendall and Chloe went up on stage. Jill and Christi always talking about having an even playing field amongst the other girls, which really does bother me. Life isn’t fair, and it never will be. So they need to seriously stop trying to make it fair for the other girls, and just do what has to be done to get their children ahead of the game. If Chloe and Kendall both go to the same audition for a broadway show, and Chloe had an extra 2 days to practice her audition dances over Kendall, Jill really has nothing to say. First off, if she speaks up for her kid, Kendall is NOT going to get the part. Second, there are probably a lot of other kids that had more time to prepare! So life in general isn’t fair, and this need for the moms to have everything fair needs to stop so Chloe and Kendall and the others can better themselves.

Cathy. I love her team, it’s full of amazing dancers! And their dance was so upbeat, catchy, and showed off everyone’s talent. They did lose to Abby’s group dance entitled “Witches of East Canton” (something along those lines). So their loss was like a double bitch slap! Two issues I have with Cathy (and yes, only two). One: the mom and son who were on AUDC. The mom bashed Abby a little bit. Like really, that’s so rude, Abby gave your kid the chance of a lifetime to be on AUDC, and you just go and say some rude things about her? MEANIE. But I still love her kid, he’s soo good! Ok, two: Cathy says that they only lost because Abby is buddy-buddy with the judges. It’s wrong of her to say that, because no matter who is besties with who, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the judges are there to base their scores on technique, performance, costume, perfection, choreography, synchronization. Everything that Abby trains these kids to do. So I don’t think it’s fair to undermine the talent of the ALDC girls and take away their talent from the win by saying it was only Abby’s name that gained their victory.

Next week looks to be an ok episode… Looks like the moms are going to have it out with Melissa because her kids don’t go to school. Again, the whole “fair” issue. Can’t wait until next week though! UGHH it’s too far!!!

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