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Book Review: MaddAddam, by Margaret Atwood


MaddAddam is the final book in the MaddAddam trilogy by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. This book finishes the story of the apocalyptic world where there are but just a handful of humans left, battling the weird animal-cross species, and trying to survive the surviving Painballers, the worst humans alive out there. In this gripping story, everything comes to a close..questions are answered, loose strings are tied, and the final battle leaves everyone happy…and sad.

This book was a little disappointing at first. I thought it was a really slow start compared to the last two books (which I have review up for). Nonetheless, I stand by my previous decision that this trilogy is absolutely amazing. It was great to see the characters get the answers we needed…and we learn a lot about Zeb, which was a treat, because, as this book goes on, he’s a major part in everything.

It is interesting to see what came out of Margaret Atwood’s imagination through this trilogy…everything unbelievably horrifying and greatly detailed comes out of her..and I swear, this could be our future…that’s how believable she makes this story, and I love that about this novel.

Definitely 10/10 stars! There has never been a better ending to a series before this one! (Well, that’s a lie….this series ending, and Harry Potter’s ending are by far the best I’ve read so far!) Please please PLEASE read this series. Totally awesome!


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