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Dance Moms: Season 4 Premiere

Well, tonight was the big night!! A new season of Dance Moms has finished, and wow was it good! I think it was an okay start to the new dance season…but there’s plenty more drama to come! Totally looking forward to it!

Abby is now threatening her dancers (Chloe, Brooke, Paige, Nia, Mackenzie, Peyton, Kendall and Maddie) with replacements…and this time she’s not lying. In the talk show before the season started, a new dancer was already introduced. From the little I saw of her dance (sorry…I forget her name), I think she’s great. I’m not 100% sure if she’s going to stay though! Her mother, unfortunately, is in a wheelchair and one of the moms are sure to use that in a negative way…well, you all know how some of the moms are!

Back to the episode…
Brooke had a singing gig with a country star, which was an amazing opportunity for her. I’m not exactly sure how far her career will go, but I do hope it goes good for her…and she continues to dance! Abby’s big issue with Brooke is that she misses rehearsal a lot. Which is understandable, because dance is a team effort. When one person is late or misses a class, it just sets everyone back a bit (I used to dance…so believe me, I know where Abby comes from). Then again, it’s everyone’s lives, and people need to take risks for themselves, and that’s exactly what Brooke did, which is also understandable.
Kendall, Kendall, Kendall. You were SO close to being right on par with Maddie (FINALLY ugh). And then she missed the oh so famous booty camp. Kendall WHY!? But I’m glad her trio won (with Chloe and Paige). Hopefully Abby can forget about her summer fiasco (which she probably won’t).
I loves Nia’s performance, I thought it was good. Was it top-5 worthy? No. Nia has always been my favourite, and I think she just got too excited about the opportunity that Abby gave her, and she lost herself in her performance – along with her technique. But I have confidence in her, and I think she’s going to shine this season. If it’s not this one, it’s definitely going to be the next one.
Mackenzie is just so small and little and cute ugh I want to squish her.
Maddie won (of course). I love Maddie, but she’s already great…we all know she’s going to be somebody one day. I would love one of the girls to beat her, because the rest need to know what’s it like to win something not in a group, but individually.
Which brings me to Chloe. I don’t see her doing much this season, because of the new girl and also because of her mom. Which sucks, because I really do like her, I think she’s the most REAL person there, besides Nia.
Peyton was a bit disappointing on this episode, i really don’t see her staying much longer on the ALDC Elite Dance Competition Team. My opinion is bias though, because I really can’t stand her mom.
Paige, she’s so beautiful on stage. Every time I watch an episode, I always find myself watching her the most. Long legs, blonde hair…can you tell I’m totally jealous? When she has a good season, which I hope is soon, I can see her beating Maddie. A lot of judges look for beauty along with talent, and I think Paige can definitely beat Maddie when she is at her best.

The moms….I really don’t have much to say, except that they are the most conniving people on television and I really commend Abby for putting up with all of them for so long. Melissa’s kiss ass ways, Christi and Kelly’s blah blah blah-ing, Jill’s annoying-ness, Holly’s…well, she hasn’t really done much..but that looks like it might change this season!

Well, hope I didn’t miss anything! It would be great to hear what you thought about tonight’s first episode of Season 4! Let me know in the comments below!


One thought on “Dance Moms: Season 4 Premiere

  1. I was very disappointed. It brought tears to my eyes to watch Chloe apologize for her moms bad behavior. This will probably be my last season to watch, I just can’t stand to watch Abby’s methods. It’s hard for me to understand how any tv station can suspend a man for quoting the Bible, and yet Lifetime supports the horrible treatment of children. They are all special.


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