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Exam Time

First, let me explain the definition of “exam time” for York University. “Exam time” is the period of examinations that occur for certain classes throughout the whole month of December. Great, now that the definition is out of the way, time to complain!

Last night was my first exam. At night. Thanks York, you really chose a great time! Not only was it from 6-9 pm last night, but the whole day was spent in a hurried panic, attempting to learn everything about literature from the Middle Ages to the late 17th century. Interesting authors and texts during this time period…but there’s no appeal in it when you’re rushing to study! So note to self: be more prepared for the final exam. 

Another thing about late night exams: ever since after I finished, I felt this fog-like blanket that’s just surrounding my brain. This could mean one of two things:

  1. I’m traumatized by how horribly I did on the exam OR
  2. I used up all the function of my brain…which is perfect, because I still have my linguistics exam to do.

So now you see my predicament. Which I’m sure a lot of other students going through exams are feeling, so i understand you guys. It’s ok, exam time is almost over. And when it is, take a day off to do whatever you want. But the next day, you have to get back to assignments and readings.

Anyways, my useless and unfinished complaining is over. In reality, I have no idea where I was going with this in the beginning. But that’s okay, because I’m procrastinating in am efficient, semi-clear and concise way.

College and university students out there…you get me. And that’s all that matters, 


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