Hey everyone! First off:

I’m horrible. I have NOT been posting what I should be posting, and I’ve been inactive for a while. BUT fear not! Because I have great news that will totally make you all happy! (and possibly give me a push to do more blogging!)


I’ve been chosen as a STAR BLOGGER for Penguin Canada! (I’ll put up the sticker soon…as soon as I figure out how to do it!). What his means is that I’m responsible for reviewing a book on the book list, and submitting it to them, and the review will be posted on Penguin Canada’s twitter account (@PenguinCanada) and also on their website! So I’m totally psyched! I can’t even concentrate on studying for my test tomorrow….like seriously, I haven’t been more happier. Yay! 

BUT, the point of this campaign is to give thanks and appreciate Penguin Canada’s faithful readers. So they came up with a contest. The link is here: 


The advent style calendar has a featured book behind each “window” and there are daily contests/prizes/quizzes that you can participate in! So keep referring back to this each day, so you maximize your chances of winning! The contest is currently on Day 3…so plenty of time to enter still! 


Christmas is the season of giving…and receiving! Hahahaha! So why not participate in this contest, and get yourself some books for Christmas? Like every book lover, I spend probably hundreds (closer to thousands) of dollars in books per year (excluding my university textbooks…). So this is definitely a contest I am NOT missing out on!! This contest is only opened to CANADIANS! (minus Quebec). There’s still a lot of us…so make sure this gets around to your Canadian friends/family book lovers, eh?? Haha! Talk to you soon! And keep an eye out for my review! *wink wink* 


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