Life as an English Major

Wow, it’s been a seriously hard few weeks! Not only do I have my English courses to worry about, but I also have my other courses! And my time management isn’t the greatest….


Anyways, here’s what’s new:

Should be getting back my Beowulf essay on Tuesday. Although I have the same TA as last year and I obsessed over my past corrections, I still just have this weird feeling that I didn’t do too good. He’s a hard marker, but that’s only because he knows what he’s doing (thank god). The most important advice I can give to future (and fellow) English majors is that proof is the most important element of an essay. Even if you find your arguments weak, you can get by with a decent mark as long as you have great proof. And I feel like I didn’t do this in my essay. Beautiful. And I’m supposed to bring my average up. 

Linguistics is HARD. I know all the things I’m learning about from my last year grammar class, but it’s nowhere close in comparing to the introductory course. The teacher is nice, but she expects us to know things that she never discussed in class OR wrote on the test outline sheet. 

I have a Shakespeare essay due soon. It’s worth 25% of my mark (so I better do perfect). I’ll be comparing the tragic heroes of Othello and Antony and Cleopatra for it. She seems like an easy going professor, but that’s still no reason to do a half-ass job! Wish me luck everyone! And good luck out there to other English majors….I feel your pain.

2 thoughts on “Life as an English Major

  1. I have a Shakespeare essay due soon too.. Othello and The Merchant of Venice… And I just keep putting it off (for no good reason other than ‘blank page syndrome’ is terrifying!)

    Good luck! From one English student to another! (I’m only a minor though… *blushes*)


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