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University Tip #7: Time Management

It’s so tough at this time of year. Mostly everyone has midterms, then there’s essays, readings, and probably a test or two coming up soon. UGH the thought of my work pile just makes me want to curl up in my bed and sleep forever. But I can’t. And neither can you. SO how do you manage your time? It’s a skill that EVERYONE needs if they want to survive university or college. If you don’t have it, then good luck to you. Let me know how it goes. 

The best way to help you manage your time is to set goals for yourself. Lets say you have (miraculously) only one test and one essay to study/write, both due at the same week. Of course, starting one of these earlier is better, but there’s still those last few days where you have to review/edit everything. My advice here is to set goals for yourself. Split up your study notes into sections, so when you’re done studying a section, you need to take a 5-10 minute break doing something COMPLETELY different, and then switch to an essay paragraph or what not. You yourself need to know how much time you need to complete everything, so splitting everything up is a great way to make sure you have everything done before the due date! Good luck..you will need to have LOTS of late nights, and patience. Don’t panic. It will all get done eventually (and this is why it’s important to know penalties…maybe it’s worth to hand in your essay a day late if you are only docked 1-2 percent a day..handing it in late may get you more studying time, therefore a higher mark). 


So, there are co-curricular days at Glendon from Wednesday-Friday this week. For this reason, I will NOT have a university tip posted. I will post another one on November 9th!  


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