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University Tip #6: TA/Professors

Use your TAs (Teachers Assistants) and Professors wisely! Bombard them with questions. Don’t be shy to ask them something, because it will definitely benefit you in the long run. You’ll get tidbits of information from them that they might not have shared with the rest of the class….giving you an advantage to get a better mark. Interestingly enough, my art professor sent all of her students this email at the end of my first year, so I’ll post it up here, and use this information. It will probably help you out!


“One piece of advice.  Some of you do well on essays and poorly on exams, others, the other way around.  There are tutorials available through the Library and also through the Writing centre to help you where you may be weak, either exam or essay writing.  If you receive a poor mark on an essay, you should approach the professor and see if you can rewrite it taking into account his/her comments.  Many times you can do this, though most will impose a re-writing penalty (anywhere from 5 to 10%).  Even though you may get turned down, you don’t lose anything by asking, and this way the professor knows that you are willing to learn by your mistakes. ” 

Considering she was a really hard marker, I don’t know why she never told us this beforehand. Nevertheless, it’s better late than never. So never be afraid to talk to your professor. Especially at a small campus like Glendon, a lot of the teachers want nothing more from their students than to succeed.


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