University Tips: Update

So for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been inconsistent with my University Tips posts. A couple weeks ago, I posted one on a Sunday (I spent the whole day thinking it was Saturday, haha) and then last week I didn’t even post anything up. I’m sorry about that, I had a test to write plus an essay due that first time, and then I had a linguistics test to study for, and I spent the whole weekend studying for it, which is why I never posted anything up. 

Fear not. I will be catching up with my posts (I planned them all out before school started) so I’ll have two tips coming to you tomorrow. As for the Life of an English Major post, I’m not 100% sure if I’ll do one Sunday, because I do have a bridal shower to go to for my cousin. If anything, I’ll just post one up during the week, because I do have Wednesday-Friday off of school. And Monday is my birthday! Yay! (This doesn’t really affect anything…I’m just excited haha). 


I’ll be back tomorrow! And sorry about not being consistent, and I promise I’ll give everyone a heads up next time I have a major assignment/test that might lead to me not posting anything!


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