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University Tip #5: Healthy Eating

Everyone always talks about the “freshman 15.” So here are some tips to help you to gain as much! Hope they help!


  1. Time your meals-I know, sounds totally boring! But eating at regular times may help you to not feel as hungry as you might be. I know for my first year, I’d wake up, eat breakfast, and by the time I arrived at school I was feeling hungry again! So eating at later times every day may help you to feel less hungry, and not give into cravings (although giving in once in a while isn’t bad!)
  2. For those who gain weight more easily than others, I suggest that for a few weeks, just write down everything that you eat (if you’re not a writer, text it to yourself, or make a note on your phone). Seeing it all on paper/screen may help you to realize “Hey, I shouldn’t have had cookies, pie and fast food all in one day. Next time I won’t eat the pie.” It’s little changes as simple as cutting out one piece of pie a day that can make a huge difference in your weight.
  3. Be a little more active each day. Even going for one simple walk around your block will make a big difference. Timing out your walk is important too. Don’t go for a walk, and then eat. I suggest to go after you eat!
  4. One healthy choice a day makes a difference as well. Instead of an ice cream, go for frozen yogurt. Or reach for a yogurt instead of a cookie. If you don’t like yogurt, there are a lot more healthier options out there.

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