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University Tip #4: Keeping Up

Ahhhhh, the first week of October. I personally find this to be beautiful; the leaves are changing colour, the weather is just right (no I’m not biased because it’s my birthday month!). 


First month into university! First off, congratulations! 6 months left! Now, you’l probably be noticing a large increase in homework…like, staying-up-until-4 a.m-and-only-getting-a-few-hours-sleep-if-anything increase. I doubt anyone is actually keeping on top of their readings though. And if you are, good for you! But are you really reading, or just reading with not a lot of it processing in your mind? I know that it’s hard to juggle both essays/tests with all your course readings, but you have to do everything you can to stay on top of it…once you fall behind, it’s hard to catch up. 

There are tons of ways to make your life easier for when you need to restudy all your stuff! One way is taking notes on a separate sheet of paper while you’re reading, OR take notes in the books itself. Some stuff you should be writing down are:

  • quotes that are significant to you, or that directly relate to themes in a text
  • make a SHORT summary of the chapter/story you just read, that way re reading the text isn’t needed when studying
  • sticky note important pages, and underline what’s important if you don’t want to write them down


Those are just a few ways to help you out! Of course, you always have to do it that works best for you, and maybe one of these isn’t your style. But hopefully I maybe gave you SOMETHING you can use, or at least inspired you to come up with your own unique way! Happy reading! 


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