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Book Review: The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood



The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood is the second installment in the MaddAddam Series. This book focuses on the lives of Ren, Amanda, and Toby before and after the “Waterless Flood” plagues the whole world.


It took me quite a while to finish reading this book…and I haven’t written a legit book review in so long, and it’s late, so sorry for the vague description of the book! One thing I promise to deliver on though is my opinion! Which is great! I loved this book even more than I did Oryx and Crake! I was a little bit disappointed at first that the book wasn’t picking up with Jimmy (that major cliff hanger at the end of Oryx and Crake was BRUTAL!). But after a short few pages, I started to really get into The Year of the Flood, and, dare I say it, I love it more than Oryx and Crake. As I’ve said before, my impression here is that it’s a bigger, better, and more sophisticated read than The Hunger Games, and I think a lot of adults would love this series. Also, one more thing I just thought of…is there a good reason why this book isn’t a movie yet? If there is, please tell me why, because I want a movie for this book so badly!

Overall, this book is SO 10/10! Two words: Margaret Atwood. Enough said. Please read this book, and enjoy! It’s so worth it!


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