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University Tip #3- Staying Focused

Already almost a month has gone by for school, and now it’s starting to get a bit harder…longer readings are to be done, your first essays and tests are going to slowly start coming around (all at the same time, unfortunately). It’s hard at this point to keep your focus on just one thing….procrastination is your best friend, most likely! We all deal with it….actually right now in writing this post I’m procrastinating on my two essays that are due soon! 


I think the reason why we aren’t focused is that there’s just so much to do we don’t where/how to start. I find that if you do something BEFORE you do your homework (like for me, painting my nails before I do homework really helps me to focus on it). So if you find something that’s relaxing and you don’t use it as a reason to PROCRASTINATE then it will help you a lot! 


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