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Life of an English Major: Week 1

Well, this week I started my second year of university at the Glendon campus of York. And let me tell you, I’m already swamped by readings! My Literary Traditions class is split up into two lectures, so it seems as though that I’m doing triple the readings each weeks (I have a bunch of readings due every Tuesday and Thursday now). So far, the professor is awesome, and I have the same TA as last year, so I think I should make great progress this year, in terms of marks. 

In English, it’s also mandatory (at least at Glendon) to take a Shakespeare class, which I am currently taking as well this year. It’s not enough to just READ a Shakespeare play…it was meant to be performed. That’s why I vow to watch every play that I read. This week, I’ll be watching King Lear, and so far reading the play itself, it’s hard to know when the king is being crazy or not. So that’s why, for any student who takes a Shakespeare class should definitely see a film adaptation because it’s crucial to see other interpretations of the film.

Last off, for my degree I need to fulfill a category for Linguistics…so I thought that since the Children’s Literature class was full (so sad!), this would be the perfect time to take an introductory course, to ready myself for the credits I need to fulfill that category. Hopefully it all works out, and I get a decent mark in the class! I know that Linguistics can be pretty tough! 


So that’s it for this week! Next week as things start to slowly pick up at school, I’ll definitely be writing more about what I’ve read, and what I’ve learned recently in class! Stay tuned! 


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