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University Tip #1: Trust Your Gut

The first thing I did when my teachers were listed on the Glendon site was go onto ratemyprof.com, where I looked them up to see what other people were saying about them. A few of my teachers had some bad reviews, but I felt like I should stay in the class anyways because I didn’t really know what else to take. I find that the reviews on ratemyprof are generally true, but I think it comes down to the type of student you are, and how willing you are to put in the effort. I know some professors are probably better off NOT teaching, but you’ll always run into someone like that who is in the wrong profession. 

Just because a teacher gets like 15 bad reviews and 3 good ones doesn’t mean you should drop the class though! First of all, you have no choice but to take that class if it’s required for your major. Secondly, it might not all be true on ratemyprof. The entries are based on the opinions of 18 students out of the hundreds they have taught so far. I think it’s safe to say that you should take the ratings with a grain of salt. 

And this goes both ways; don’t take a course just because the majority of students rated the professor as an easy marker. Although that may be true, you still have to put the work and effort in. So just because it’s an easy professor doesn’t mean that the course work itself is easy! 

Something else to keep in mind: actually READ what people are saying about a professor! For the Heredity in Society class at Glendon, the professor is Olivia Ghisa. At first sight, she’s rated extremely bad. But if you actually read what people are saying about her, they say (generally) that she’s a bit outdated, but easy marker, and a bore in class. I just went to my first lecture with her this past Wednesday, and she seems very chill, but I find that she expects us to know what she’s thinking of in terms of our assignments. I think she’s taught this course way to many times, so she forgets to explain things properly. Professor Ghisa is just one example though; I’m sure that at some point in your univesrity career, you’ll experience a teacher just like this. Hopefully not worse though! 


Well, there you have it. In other words: don’t take everything seriously when you read it on ratemyprof. Keep in mind of the dates that the entries were posted, and also try not to think too much of them if you have a bad professor. If you go into a class with the mindframe that you aren’t going to do well, then I hate to say it, but you actually won’t do well. So try to keep an open mind, and it will all work out! Nothing comes easy in life, and not EVERY course you take at university will be a breeze! 


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