Updates: What’s To Come

I know, I haven’t been on in quite a while! Sorry about that, things have just been crazy while getting ready to go back to school and getting used to my new schedule (and school just started this week for me, so I haven’t fully gotten used to it yet!). Here’s an update so you know what’s coming next!

I will still be doing book reviews…..of course, not as many as I normally have done during the summer, because now that I’m in school (as an English major) I have tons of reading to get through in such a short amount of time, and also essays and tests (later in the year), so I won’t be reading for pleasure as often as I usually do! Currently, I am still getting through the second book of the MaddAddam series by Margaret Atwood (The Year of the Flood). I won’t lie, I haven’t picked in up in a number of days! I will start to read it once I get myself organized though!

Another thing i’m excited about is what I’m going to be doing throughout the course of the year! I’m going to post up weekly blog posts with university tips, plus I was thinking of doing a weekly or bi-weekly feature of “life as an English major.” I’m definitely going to be doing the university tips, because I think it’s important for anyone who is looking into post-secondary education. The university tips blog post will be posted on SATURDAYS (with a few exceptions), and if I choose to do my second feature, I will post that up on Sunday’s. So stay tuned, and thanks for reading, everyone!


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