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Miley Cyrus Performance at 2013 VMA

A lot of hate against Miley has come up because of her performance last night, and I really wanted to talk about it because…well, how can you not? EVERYONE is talking about it…even my brother who usually doesn’t even care about stuff like this.

Here’s a run down of her performance in case you missed it: twerking, teddy bears, and Robin Thicke. Is there really a need to continue? I’m sure all of you are able to piece it together…or just watch the first 20 seconds of the video, then skip to about 3:36…3:07 if you want to see that beautiful Thicke face coming out!

I think a lot of people are over reacting to this video. If you’ve seen her music video for her undeniable catchy song “We Can’t Stop” then you really shouldn’t be surprised with her. I was expecting this from her, to be honest. After that video, I finally came to accept the new wild Miley, and to (somewhat) let go of the Miley I grew up with.

All the mothers who are saying how bad of an influence this is to children are right, I’ll give them that. Miley was a Disney star, so the mentality is that she should stay Disney-like. But people grow up, and those concerned mothers are going to have their own wild child to be concerned about one day. Miley isn’t a Disney star no more, not to the extent she used to be. There are new stars that those children can look up to.

It is obvious though that her performance was REALLY suggestive. Is it her new “character” that she is portraying for a new audience of teenagers, or is it who she really is? This doesn’t really matter. She is talented nonetheless. She’s a good singer live, especially compared to a lot of other big time names out there. So I think her talent exceeds how she dances and dresses onstage. Plus, she was singing with a VERY sexy guy…she needed to step it up a bit to look sexy along with Robin Thicke. She is a beautiful girl…it’s just that Robin Thicke is much more beautiful.

Overall, I think her performance was a bit too much on the suggestive side…VERY awkward watching it with my Mom. But that’s how teenagers/young adults are….there’s much worse going on at parties. She’s no different than other people her age. However, she is in a big spotlight right now, getting a lot of positive and negative feedback about her new image…I think this performance really added to the negative…but hey, people all over the world are talking about her. Free publicity, right?

What do you think of her performance?


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