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Book Review: Untouched, by Robert J Crane

400000000000000795632_s4   Published: 2012

Untouched by Robert J Crane is the second book in The Girl in the Box Series. In this novel we continue on with Sienna’s life at the Directorate, and how quickly things are moving with her; a (potential) future boyfriend, a great job offer, and a secure future..everything she wants, but hesitates to have (especially the boyfriend). She learns a lot about herself throughout this novel, and she realizes things just a bit too late….


I have to say, compared to the first book and this one, there is a greater amount of action in this book! Which I love, because Robert J Crane effortlessly puts in it, so it doesn’t seem to over-the-top, like it could be.

I love Sienna; she is a great example of what every teenager feels (not fitting in, wanting to be “normal”). A lot of people will be talking about her, because of how real she seems (besides the whole meta human bonus).

Overall, this book deserves a 7.5/10. I still found the layout of this book really close to the first one. I know that’s the point of it, but seeing someone else in mortal danger would have been a nice bonus, but I’m not complaining to much. This definitely was a better read than the first one (that’s probably because I like to learn a lot about the characters), and I think this series is a cool, new idea that should be a best seller by now. And I could see a (possible) potential for a movie. I would definitely go see this! Lots of action, and super humans? Perfect!

I’ll DEFINITELY be reading more into this series soon…so keep reading until I get there!


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